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I wanted to create a word-search app that goes beyond a dictionary definition and shows the word or phrase in context.

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Jackson Holiday Wheeler

This is awesome! What do you think about trying to integrate etymonline.com to show the etymology of the word, too? That would be sweet.

Tim Paik

Thanks for the encouraging responses guys! Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it :-)

Chie Akiba

This is awesome!

Daniel Jenner

Great project! One of the best i've ever seen here!

Aaron Fried

I love the way this looks.

Varun Rajan

THIS IS SO COOL! And useful! Why in the world would I ever search something on the dictionary and Wikipedia separately again? And I for sure have looked up informational videos on YouTube. Bookmarking.

Grae Drake

Tim this is really cool. Has a hallmark of the best projects: you can immediately see how it would be useful in solving a common problem or pain point. Keep up the good work.

Tatiana Tylosky

using youtube for this was a brilliant idea 💯

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