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”I chose thinkful over the others largely because of the flexibility … I chose the part time bootcamp and I was able to learn & work at the same time.”

Before Thinkful

Ben’s story begins like that of a lot of college graduates. Having graduated with a music degree, he was freelancing sporadically, living with four roommates and was having a tough time making ends meet. He felt unstable and wasn’t even enjoying making or playing music anymore. To say the least, he felt lost.

Ben had a friend who turned him on to coding and he started self teaching and using free sources and online tutorials. He started weighing his options including affordability and how fulfilling a career in tech might be. Ben noted that It just looked like a lot of fun, the instant gratification of solving problems and fixing things.

Ben decided on Thinkful and choose the Full Stack Flex program, noting being able to learn remotely and have the 1-on-1 mentorship was critical to his success. He stated “Once I had decidedly that flexibility was what I needed, Thinkful’s focus on mentorship really struck a chord with my learning style.”

While studying

As far as the course being challenging, it certainly was. But Ben had the continued support of his mentor and found himself working on course material far more than the recommended 20 hrs. Not because be needed to in order to stay on track, but because he wanted to learn. His mentor not only taught him real world scenarios that he would have never had access to in a traditional classroom, he helped him change the way he learned.

Everything was going smoothly when he was offered an internship prior to graduation. This is a good thing - being offered something before you even graduate. He decided to graduate early and take the internship, which promised to be a full time position in the near future.

Sadly, it was not a great fit culture-wise and the internship ended with no job offer to speak of. Thinkful really came through when his internship ended. Since he opted to graduate early and had not had the opportunity to go through Career Services, he simply went back and began that part of the process.

”Having my mentor helped because he taught me how to think for myself, which is something you can’t learn from any curriculum.”

How life changed

”Having the safety net of Career Services helped me get into my current job, where I am very empowered to succeed.”

How his life changed

Life is good these days. Ben accepted a job as a Front End Web Deveveloper at Autogravity, got an apartment and more importantly, got married. His wife is happy with the outcome and they are enjoying the stability and personal fulfillment Ben gets from his job.

Now Ben says “My only roommate is my wife. It’s a lot better. I go into work every day to a job I enjoy, I have a predictable paycheck and I often forget what time it is at work … I have to keep myself from working, rather than counting the hours, it’s really easy to keep up because of the way I learned.”

Ben noted that the mentorship aspect of Thinkful was the thing that prepared him best to succeed in his current job at Autogravity. Through his mentor he learned how to teach himself new concepts/technologies, which has been invaluable as he’s been learning a new codebase and development practices.

Confident in his ability and empowered by his skills, Ben feels he is prepared to take on any challenge.

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