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Associate Software Engineer - R/GA @ Google

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”Oh my god yes it was challenging, if it wasn’t I would have been worried.”

While studying

No one should tell you tech education is easy. It is incredibly challenging … and he loved every minute of it. The camaraderie of being “all in it together” and that the mentors were truly part of the group. Simon noted, “I started my days at 6 a.m. with coursework. But I didn’t feel like I was doing a bootcamp for a company/employer, really felt like I was part of a family.”

Simon attributes his success in completing the Engineering Immersion program to not just his hard work and dedication, but to that of his mentors at Thinkful. His full time course mentor, Rory, pushed him to think like a programmer and solve problems and his prep mentor, Anna, pushed him forward in CSS.

Before thinkful

Growing up in a mining town in Yorkshire, England, you could say Simon was a jack of all trades. A pub manager, musician and even dabbled in legal services, but was struggling to make ends meet and find meaningful work.

He moved to San Francisco to be with the person who would become his wife. They were both dabbling in coding for fun and Simon was working in quality control but to say the least, it was not his passion. He wanted something better.

After researching and weighing his options, Simon decided on Thinkful’s Engineering Immersion program. “The daily mentoring and the money back guarantee were important, but the quality of the course was deciding factor. After speaking to Thinkful team members, I just got the feeling that this was the school for me.”

”Mentoring and the money back guarantee were important, but the quality of the course was deciding factor”

How life changed

”I’ve had some great jobs but I’ve never earned this type of money.”

How his life changed

Simon interviewed with R/GA while he was completing his coursework and had support from Thinkful’s Career Services team. Just weeks after graduating, he started his new role as as a Developer at R/GA and just to give his job that extra cool factor, he is onsite at Google. No big deal … said no one ever..

Adjusting very well to his focus on work he sees the vast and life changing opportunity his education has provided him. Knowing that he never has to settle, he wants to push himself every day to go farther, work harder and never stop being curious and learning. He has found a lifelong learning partner and career accelerator in Thinkful. “I’ve had some great jobs but I’ve never earned this type of money.”

Simon notes that his wife “is over the moon.” The new job provides stability, fulfillment and a sense of security they had not experienced previously.

He did indicate his parents are slightly disappointed he is not a rockstar. Yet he was also able to purchase the guitar of his dreams - the one he has coveted since childhood. The one he would use when he made music of his own.

Perhaps Simon isn’t on a stage performing quite yet, but you never know where his journey will take him. Perhaps we will see him on the cover of Rolling Stone one day. In the meantime, he can achieve professional rockstar status knowing there are no limitations to what he can achieve.

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