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Thinkful Thursday, February 26
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Web development
Rip it! The power of a little JavaScript
Unleash your pent-up aggression on this virtual cloth in real-time at Codepen and check out the powerful possibilities of just some HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Cloth rip
Add fancy click effects to your site or app
Take a peek at these sophisticated click animations that can elevate your app or website. The effects are done with CSS animations mostly on pseudo-elements. Click effect
How to build your own indie app empire
Watch Joe Cieplinksi of Bombing Brain Interactive discuss how to get started in the indie software world and why you shouldn't be afraid to put a price tag on your apps. Smartphone
Data science
Predict the future with Markov Chains
There are no precogs or minority reports necessary to predict the future. Instead, dig into Markov Chains in this amazing interactive article. Markov chains
From HQ
Women in TechLast month we partnered with The Noun Project, a home for beautiful, community-sourced icons, to promote our Women in Tech collaboration. A quick Google search of "computer scientist" or "engineer" doesn't return enough images of woman - this collection aims to change that.
Our most popular Thinkful guides
Color theory basics Uber API tutorial How to hire a freelancer
Explore the steps and considerations involved in a site's color palette. Build a digital invitation for your next party and learn how to use the Uber API. Learn who a client may be looking to hire and gain a new perspective.
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