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Thinkful Thursday, March 5
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Web development
And on the first day, you created time
Build your own working HTML clock using a little CSS and JavaScript. The tutorial even shows you how to add that subtle analogue "bounce" to the second hand. Clock
UI vs. UX: What's the difference?
Webdesigner Depot does an excellent job explaining these two often confused areas. Try this analogy: UI is the saddle, stirrups, and reigns, while UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse, and rope your cattle. UI vs UX
The 11 best iOS developer sites
To go from good to great, you have to constantly learn from others. Follow these sites when Apple's documentation isn't enough. (They're our favorites, too.) Smartphone
Data science
Read: Interactive data visualizations
This free, online version of O'Reilly Atlas' book includes 44 different examples that'll show you how to create amazing visualizations using D3. Beginners welcome. D3 visual
From HQ
Code NewbieWe're excited to sponsor the Code Newbie podcast, and kickoff #MarchIsForMakers with @SaraJChipps and @shanselman, which hopes to inspire everyone to build, hack, design, or engineer a little something this month. Get working!
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Intro to Python JavaScript Best Practices GitHub Pull Request
Learn Python fundamentals by creating a tamagotchi-style Python pet. Code samples to help you write more readable, efficient code. Learn how to submit your first pull request on GitHub.
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