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Thinkful Thursday, March 12
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Web development
You're a programmer, Harry
If you need a laugh, read: If programming languages were Harry Potter characters. Everyone says C has been dead for… well, more than a decade, but have we destroyed every horcrux? Clock
SVG pocket guide
This "pocket" sized guide shows you how to understand and write your own SVGs through clear examples (with fruit images!). UI vs UX
5 great ideas for Apple Watch
There are some amazing apps just waiting to be built for Apple Watch. Will you build the next heart monitor? Or the ultimate navigator? Get thinking. Smartphone
Data science
The only probability cheatsheet you'll ever need
This 8-page cheatsheet comes from Harvard's Introduction to Probability course and highlights everything from Bayes' Rule to multivariate distributions and covariance. D3 visual
From HQ
Code NewbieLast month, a new Thinkful data science mentor asked for some advice on how to be an effective mentor. Fellow mentor Rohan Kekatpure, a data scientist at Intuit and Stanford PhD, responded brilliantly with a few emerging themes from his own sessions.

We share some of the insightful conversations that take place within our education and mentor teams in our latest blog post.
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Learn jQuery with
Street Fighter
Ruby on Rails
A Guide to
Github Pages
Gain a basic understanding of jQuery with Street Fighter and Hadoukens! Learn Ruby on Rails fundamentals by modifying a Craigslist clone. An easy and free way to host your coding projects.
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