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Thinkful Thursday, March 19
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Web development
It's pizza time! HTTP statuses explained
Are 505s and 404s the same to you? Learn the difference between the 10 most common HTTP statuses with some delicious pizza metaphors. Clock
Endangered species illustrated in CSS
Designer Bryan James used CSS to create an interactive exhibition of the world's most interesting, but unfortunately, endangered species. UI vs UX
PSD of iOS 8 elements
Create iOS mockups easily with this handy Photoshop template filled with GUI elements found in iOS 8. The toolkit is also updated with iPhone 6 hardware. Smartphone
Data science
Visual learners: learn conditional probability
This interactive lesson aims to illustrate the probability of event A occurring vs. event B. The guide was created by Victor Powell. D3 visual
From HQ
Code Newbie Thinkful is excited to announce we've partnered with Girl Develop's SF chapter to launch three scholarships for women in tech. Recipients include:

Code Newbie Tina Lee: Founder of, a program for moms whose mission is to build a more inclusive economy by on-ramping moms to careers in tech. Tina is enrolled in our angular course.

Code Newbie Angela Woodall: An award-winning investigative journalist who works with data. She wants to help lead the development of tools useful to reporters using Python. Angela will be taking our data science course.

Code Newbie Nora Studholme: A recent grad working as a BLP associate at LinkedIn. She wrote an in-depth thesis on startup culture in Silicon Valley and taught herself HTML/CSS to build a non-profit, Code For Humanity. Nora is taking our frontend course.
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Image Loading
List of the best people to follow on twitter for aspiring programmers. Build a simple email application and learn core AngularJS concepts. Lead how to speed up your site's loading time by optimizing images.
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