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Thinkful Thursday, March 26
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Web development
April Fools tested CSS puns
How do you position the #titantic on a webpage? Just use float: none! Impress your friends with these unstoppable unsinkable puns. Titanic Pun
Where Programming meets Art
Initially created to teach programming fundamentals within a visual context, Processing is a programming language for artists, designers, and researchers. Flower
Spicing Up Xcode
This blog post (and video!) contain 13 tips for working more efficiently with Xcode. Increase your productivity and knowledge with these useful shortcuts. Smartphone
Data science
Data science buzzwords and jargon demystified
With the rise of "big data", there has been a spike of data science jargon. Learn what these common data science terms actually mean. D3 visual
From HQ: Thinkful <3's Slack
Thinkful 3s Slack We’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from our students after making the switch from G+ to Slack for our student community. Gabriel Oladipo, a Frontend alum and active member of the community, took some time to describe his own experience.

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Scare your site's visitors Best of Youtube Color Theory Basics
Use JavaScript to put a hidden ghost in your site for April 1st! The most helpful Youtube channels for aspiring programming. Explore the process involved in a site's color palette.
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