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Thinkful Thursday, April 2
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats
Fill up: Our favorite links this week
Web development
CodePen with a mind of its own
Watch this CodePen build itself before your very eyes! Can you figure out the trick? Hint: There is no CSS or html in the original code. Titanic Pun
UX: Telling the user to scroll
How can your users intuitively know how to scroll down? Learn alternatives to the "scroll arrow" and how to use them for the best user experience. Flower
Control your car from your wrist
This isn't The Jetsons. Elekslabs has built apps for both Apple Watch and Android Wear that can control your Telsa. See the differences between the two, as well as and the future of wearables. Smartphone
Data science
Bayesian survival analysis for Game of Thrones
"The Song of Ice and Fire" has a reputation for being quite deadly for its characters. See why it's better to be allied with House Tyrell than House Lannister using a Bayesian survival analysis. D3 visual
From HQ: Launching Crash Courses
Thinkful 3s Slack We're excited to announce the launch of Thinkful Crash Courses. Crash Courses are a one-day online pairing session for engineers to quickly learn a new technology through 1-on-1 mentorship and an interactive presentation. We've launched with React and Node.js. See how Crash Courses work.

Our most popular Thinkful resources
Uber API Tutorial Best of: Podcasts Github Pages Guide
Learn how to use the Uber API while building a digital party invite! The most helpful Podcasts for aspiring programming. An easy and free way to host your coding projects.
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