Break Germany's Enigma Code

Thinkful Thursday, April 16
"Do a little more of what you want to do every day, until your idea becomes what's real." - Unknown
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Web development
Break Germany's Enigma Code
What took months to do in World War II can now be done with only 30 lines of Ruby. Follow along with Albert Still's excellent tutorial and find Enigma's key. Titanic Pun
Redesign Collection
Have a project that is need a redesign? Here is some inspiration. From Quora to Foursquare, learn what makes a successful redesign. Flower
Building Apps for Better World Health
ResearchKit is an open source framework introduced by Apple that allows researchers and developers to create powerful apps for medical research. Smartphone
Data science
Reverse Engineering Lord of the Rings
Why do some books, as simple as they may be, succeed in becoming worldwide sensations? Linguistic patterns give us insights into how printed symbols lure us into epic worlds. D3 visual
Student Feature: Hacker Dad, Rehan Ali
Thinkful 3s Slack Just a month after starting his course, iOS student Rehan has finished his first app KidsVids! The app is a child-friendly YouTube player where you limit the content to a set of predefined playlists. There's no text, no child-unfriendly "related videos", just a big grid of touch buttons that his 2 year-old can use to watch his favourite video clips. Get in touch and he'll add you to the beta testing list!

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Intro to Python BigQuery Tutorial The Great Debate
Learn Python fundamentals by creating a tamogachi style "Pypet". Make sense of massive public datasets and make your own visualization. Which programming language should you learn first?
D3 visual Meet Liz, your education advisor

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