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Thinkful Thursday, April 23
"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." - Niels Bohr
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Web development
First Aid for Git
This is an excellent collection of the most frequently asked Git questions. Answers were collected from personal experience, Stack Overflow, and official Git documentation. Titanic Pun
Become a CSS centering ninja
There seems to be a gazillion ways to center elements in CSS depending on a variety of factors. This tool considers those scenarios and the correct way to center for each. Flower
iOS UX and UI libraries
Effects, animated badges, and onboarding tutorials all need great UX, so check out this list for all your iOS needs. Plus - collaborate on GitHub and add your own. Smartphone
Data science
How to survive the zombie apocalypse
There have been quite a few mathematical models of zombie infection in recent years - partially for fun, but also to test out methodologies that could be modified and applied to actual, non-zombie outbreaks. D3 visual
HQ: Voices of Social Change
Thinkful 3s Slack Earlier this week, Thinkful co-founder Dan Friedman was interviewed on Change Nation. Listen to the podcast and learn why real world experience matters in education and what the future of higher education might look like.

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D3 visual Chat with your education advisor

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