Daily battles of a programmer

Thinkful Thursday, May 14
"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."
- Suzy Kassem
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Web development
6 daily battles of a programmer
Sometimes everyday can be an uphill battle as a software engineer. Learn how to overcome each conflict and you'll be well on your way to developer awesomeness. Ruby
Don't hide in the shadows – share your talent
If you hate the very idea of self-promotion, this post is for you. Learn how to reach your full potential and confidently share your work with the world. Flower
Broadcast your app to the world
There is a lot more to making a great app than just code. Developer Marco Arment explains what it takes to successfully market your an app in this video. Smartphone
Data science
What do we do if algorithms know everything?
More and more, companies are depending on data science to make decisions like medical diagnoses, crime prevention and loan approvals. This raises questions of when close human supervision of an algorithm's results are needed. D3 visual
HQ: Thinkful Partners with The Iron Yard
Thinkful 3s Slack Last week, we announced a new partnership with The Iron Yard! Together, we'll be offering a blended course combining the best of offline and online learning. In addition to weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions and daily Office Hours with a Thinkful mentor, students will receive 3 hours of in-person support from Iron Yard instructors. You can learn more about the partnership and enroll in the pilot starting June 1st here.
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Best of: Programming Newsletters Online Course Time Management Intro to Python
We've curated the best newsletter to subscribe to for aspiring programmers Advice on how to manage your time while taking an online class Learn Python by creating a Tamagotchi style "Pypet"
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