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Thinkful Thursday, May 21
"Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan." - Margaret Thatcher
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Web development
Play Warrior.JS and learn JavaScript
Follow the instructions in your terminal to get the game setup, then play as a warrior climbing a tall tower. You'll write JavaScript to instruct your warrior to battle enemies and rescue captives. Warrior
The human eye vs. Photoshop
The calculations design tools like PhotoShop make are rational, but do not take into account the way we perceive shape, color, and size. Use this to your advantage as a designer. illusion
State of iOS testing
Let Giovanni Lodi walk you through the tools that Cocoa and Xcode currently offer as well as the best open source libraries for testing. checkmark
Data science
The 10 algorithms that dominate our world
Learn what constitutes an algorithm from engineer Marcos Otero and which are the real 10 that rule our world. merge sort
HQ Spotlight: Congrats Grae Drake!
Grae Our head of education ops, Grae Drake, who has been with Thinkful for since almost the beginning and hired hundreds of mentors, recently had a baby boy. As you can see, baby Kieran is really enjoying his Android pillow. Congrats, Grae!
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Build your first website Github Pull Request Ruby on Rails Tutorial
Learn HTML and CSS fundamentals as you create a website of your own Learn how to submit your first pull request on GitHub. Learn Ruby on Rails fundamentals by modifying a Craigslist clone
D3 visual Chat with your education advisor

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