Computers write lyrics

Thinkful Thursday, May 28
"When one teaches, two learn. " - Robert Heinlein
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Web development
JS the right way
Most developers would agree that JavaScript is a complex language. Here is an awesome resource for everything from game engines to testing tools. code
Design is taking over Silicon Valley
More and more, designers are hired in upper management positions in tech companies, advocating for design from the top down. Read why now is the time to be a designer. bridge
Build responsive email layouts
Email clients haven't quite caught up with the rest of the Internet. This tool will make building responsive templates for mobile much easier. a very responsive email
Data science
Computers can rap better than us
It finally happened. Computers (specifically a Markov chain algorithm) can now simulate the creative process that is song writing. Check out these fresh computer rhymes. merge sort
HQ Spotlight: Bootcamp Finder
bootcamp Find the right programming bootcamp for you with our Bootcamp Finder. Select by location or topic and choose from over 40 bootcamps worldwide. We've also partnered with top coding schools to make these schools more accessible with customized curriculum. Learn more at
Our favorite resources this week
Startup Care Package AngularJS Tutorial Best of: Podcasts
We've joined Codeship, Trello, and others to help you find the best tools to run a startup. Learn Angular by building a Gmail clone. The best podcast for aspiring developer
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