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Thinkful Thursday, June 4
"I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again"
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Web development
Github Pages: The best kept secret on the internet
If you needed another reason to learn how to use git and github, this is it. With Github pages you can launch any site in seconds at no cost. Use this guide to walk through the steps. code
Deeper into type
Fonts soar to the top of trendiness only to be cast aside for being overused. Learn about the importance of the timeless relationship between a font's visual and functional aspects. bridge
App launch guide
This guide is aimed at indie developers who are building and launching their iOS apps largely by themselves. Walk through planning, pre-launch, marketing, product development, QA, and launch. a very responsive email
Data science
Clean data: The biggest barrier for data scientists
Herein lies the dirty secret about most data scientists' work -- it's more data digging than deep learning. Learn what you can do to make cleaner data. clean
HQ Spotlight: Coursetalk's online education panel
coursetalk Thinkful mentor Patrick Ford will be speaking at CourseTalk's online education panel on June 9th! There will be data from over 70k course reviews as well as other edtech companies including Coursera, EdCast, and EdSurge. Register at
Our favorite resources this week
How to Land a Job
at a Startup
Google BigQuery
Best of:
How to get your foot in the door of a startup Make sense of massive public datasets The best channels for aspiring developer
Education Advisor Chat with your education advisor

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