Early vs Beginner Coders

Thinkful Thursday, June 18
"The goal in life isn't to answer questions, but to ask good questions and to let those questions guide your learning."
- Richard Saul Wurman
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Web development
Early vs. beginner coders
Zed Shaw explains the difference between early coders and beginner coders in his latest blog post. Both are completely capable of mastering programming, but they need different teaching approaches in order to succeed. code
Thoughtfulness by design
While UX strives for a frictionless flow, Andrew Grimes argues for the value of including so called "Meta Moments" that surprise the user. Read how these give more value to the overall user experience. bridge
Supercharge your Xcode efficiency
You've seen the all-star Hollywood programmer hacking through the mainframe, fingers racing on the keyboard while terminals fly across the screen! This tutorial will show you how to be more like that programmer, except in Xcode. a very responsive email
Data science
Happiness defined by data science
Here is an example of how data can be applied to help benefit everyday life. After looking at sleep patterns, Jawbone was able to determine the effects of sleep on happiness by using the data from thousands of users. night
HQ Spotlight: Career Paths with Course Report
coursetalk Watch our Live Q&A with CourseReport featuring Derek Fogge, our Career Path Program Manager, and Cynthia Kellog, a student in the course. Learn how mentorship works in a Career Path course and see an example of one of Cynthia's projects!
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Best Practices
Color Theory
Write more readable, efficient code. Learn how to create a site's color palette. What they are and why you should care
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