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Thinkful Thursday, June 25
"Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds."
- Albert Einstein
Fill up: Our favorite links this week
Web development
Learn anything faster
In the world of programming you are constantly and quickly learning. Here are some of the best methods and tricks to learn faster and more effectively. wings
The 22 Rules of UX
Based on Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling, Valeria Spirovski walks us through an excellent list of UX rules to follow. Highlights include the importance of defining a simplest version of your UX as well as the value of honesty in your design. up
Apple Swift course on Github
Apple has published a free course on Swift — on GitHub! This is a great place to get started if you don't know where to begin and are new to iOS development. apple
Data science
Real-time Google Trends
Google made some big improvements to its Google Trends product recently. There is now extensive real-time data, curated datasets, and data stories! google
HQ Spotlight: Bootcamp Prep with The Iron Yard
Course Report Watch our Q&A with CourseReport featuring Bhaumik Patel, our Community Manager, and Eric Dodds from The Iron Yard. Learn how we're combining the best of online and in-person learning to help students become successful engineers in Durham, Tampa Bay. Learn more about the course here.
Our favorite resources this week
Isomorphic JavaScript
with React and Express
Ruby on Rails
Scaling Flux
Listen to Seth Samuel talk at the NYC node.js meetup Learn Ruby on Rails fundamentals by modifying a Craigslist clone Listen to Evan Morikawa talk at the NYC ReactJS meetup
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