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Thinkful Thursday, July 2
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela
Fill up: Our favorite links this week
Frontend Development
Stay cool and learn JavaScript
Help a lion stay cool through a hot summer with this animated CodePen. You may even get inspired to investigate the JavaScript that made it happen. wings
Designing for (and with) color blindness
Ideally designs should be easily readable for the 1 in 10 people who are colorblind. Learn how to make sure your app or website is colorblind accessible. up
Backend Development
Terminal games with Python
For a fun way to learn Python, check out these one-liner games. Arun Ravindran wrote these mini terminal games using less than 140 characters in Python. apple
Data science
Google's AI dreams in paintings
Google engineers who work on image recognition came across an interesting surprise: neural networks that were trained to identify different kinds of images can also generate images. The outcomes are fascinating and beautiful. dreams
HQ Spotlight: Taylor Crane
Hyperlax Last week Thinkful student Taylor Crane completed our Frontend Web Development course and along with it his capstone project: Hyperlax. It uses Instagram's API and displays a real-time feed of the latest #hyperlapse videos. His project made it to the top of Hackernews!
Our favorite resources this week
Best of: Podcasts Build your first website Github Pull Request
The most helpful Podcasts for aspiring programmers Learn HTML and CSS fundamentals as you create a website of your own Learn how to submit your first pull request on GitHub.
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