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Thinkful Thursday, July 16
"Success isn't about being the best. It's about always getting better."
- Unknown
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Frontend Development
Education as Play
"Explorable Explanations" was coined by Bret Victor in a stunning essay that mixed text with interactivity. From this there has come a wave of excellent interactive programming tutorials. twitter
Good Animation is Invisible
Quality animations not only offer aesthetically pleasing movements, but can be real user experience enhancers too. A good transition is one that is not obtrusive, enhances the user experience and is fun at the same time. polygons
Backend Development
Open Source Python Software
SciPy is a community dedicated to the advancement of scientific computing through open source Python software for mathematics, science, and engineering. See some amazing videos from last weeks conference speakers. python
Data science
Visualizing Google Forms
Learn how to use Google Forms to collect information via simple web forms and analyze it. This article will focuses on how to use the data to create complex and powerful data visualizations with seaborn. story
HQ Spotlight: NYC Nodebots
nodebots Thinkful is sponsoring Nodebots Day on July 25th. Nodebots NYC is a meetup for hardware/javascript enthusiasts and hackers. They will be providing Nodebots starter kits for anyone interested in getting started!
Our favorite resources this week
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We've curated the best newsletter to subscribe to for aspiring programmers Advice on how to manage your time while taking an online class Learn how to write more readable, efficient code.
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