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Thinkful Thursday, July 23
"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
- Mark Twain
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Frontend Development
Git and Sublime Text workflow
As programmers, every second counts since the time we spend on small tasks adds up. Check out this tutorial on how to improve your workflow by using Git inside of Sublime Text (our favorite text editor). twitter
Google's Material design
Dive into Google's styleguide for design. The company "challenged themselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science". polygons
Backend Development
Haskell-style Fibonacci in Python
For those digging into Python, check out Joel Grus' take on the Fibonacci sequence. Don't know what Haskell is? Take it from Joe: "Haskell is everyone's favorite pure functional programming language." python
Data science
Starting a career in data science
Decided you want to become a data scientist? This post at DataQuest easily lays out what to expect, how to succeed, and a handful of resources to get you started. story
HQ: Career Path All Stars
nodebots This week, we'd like to congratulate two Career Path students who landed jobs as developers before even finishing the course!

Through working with her mentor Joe Turner, on a completely customized curriculum, Marissa Amaya was able to learn Backbone, React, and Postgres. She is now a Full Stack developer at GoodyBag. Tyler Silva learned the fundamentals of FEWD and Angular, and only after a couple months is now a frontend dev at PeopleVine.

Want to follow Marissa and Tyler's lead? Check out our Frontend Career Path course.
Our favorite resources this week
Google BigQuery Tutorial AngularJS Tutorial Your first API
Learn BigQuery and build your first ngram visualization. Dive into Angular and build a Gmail clone. Use Uber's API to create a party inviation.
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