Internet 101

Thinkful Friday, August 14th
"Go forth and make awesomeness."
- Unknown
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Frontend Development
Welcome to Internet 101
But how does the internet really work? Here is an amazingly illustrated comic explaining how DNS works and the ultimate power of the internet. top
CSS vs. SVG: Graphical Text Effects
Not sure when to use SVG versus regular CSS? Explore techniques and examples that can be rendered using both CSS and SVG and compare the results. fonts
Backend Development
Understanding and Using Ruby Rake
Something that you will see a lot in Ruby projects is Rake. Rake is a build tool for automating tasks and this tutorial will walk you through a basic example to get you started. water
Data science
Top 10 Machine Learning APIs
Need a way to add add speech recognition to a mobile device? Here are ten APIs that will satisfy any of your machine learning needs. reddit
HQ: Career Path All Stars
site redesign

This week we'd like to congratulate two students who landed jobs as developers! After learning the MEAN stack both Vicky Leong and Asa Toburen-Pettit accepted full-time developer positions this past month. Asa was mentored by Trevor Nowalk and Vicky was mentored by Kyle Koski.

Want to follow in their lead? Check out our Frontend Career Path course.

Our favorite resources this week
Fundamentals in Python Javascript best practices Build your first website
Learn Python fundamentals by creating a tamogachi style "Pypet" Learn how to write more readable, efficient code Learn HTML and CSS fundamentals as you create a website of your own
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