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Thinkful Thursday, August 20th
"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."
- John F. Kennedy
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Frontend Web Development
180 mini web projects for inspiration
Jennifer Dewalt made a web project a day for 180 days. These are fun ways to improve your frontend skills. Projects include: Smushing Fireflies, Secret Message, and Confused Robots! firefly
Dealing with creative block
Anyone who creates anything faces it. It's inevitable, and part of the process. So, how do you face creative block head on? Learn how switching context can cure creative block. block
Intermediate Web Development
Form validation with AngularJS
Learn form validation with this AngularJS tutorial. AngularJS form validation enables you to write a modern HTML5 form that is interactive and responsive from the start. water
Data science
13 Years Of American Credit Card Debt
Displaying data in an informative way is difficult. See how NPR analyzed credit card data over the past 13 years with this excellent interactive graph. reddit
HQ: Intro to Node.js Workshop

This Monday, Thinkful mentor Denis Sokolov will host an introduction Workshop to Node.js. You can join and watch Denis build a Node project from scratch, ask questions along the way, and see how it compares to their experiences with other languages. This is a great way to learn step-by-step and code alongside an expert. Explore Workshops

Our favorite resources this week
Best of: Podcasts Build your first website Github Pull Request
The most helpful Podcasts for aspiring programmers Learn HTML and CSS fundamentals as you create a website of your own Learn how to submit your first pull request on GitHub.
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