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Thinkful Thursday, August 27th
"If your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough."
- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
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Frontend Web Development
Frontend standards and best practices
Learn code standards and best practices to ensure that your work is optimized, performant and maintainable for that eventual moment in the future when things need updating. pillar
Less is always more
It is tempting to use many different fonts in a design, but too many can cause projects to lose direction and personality. Learn the optimal font hierarchy and why "three's a crowd." font
Intermediate Web Development
Avoid these strings
The strings on this list are likely to cause issues when used as user-input data. Master them and make sure they never break your code. fire
Data Science
SQL for data scientists 101
One of the most important tools required to be a successful data scientist is relational databases like SQL. Learn what every data scientist should know about SQL. school
Mentor HQ: Million Dollar Developer

Thinkful mentor Chris Tsongas created Million Dollar Developer, an online course designed to teach anyone the step-by-step process he used to make over $1 million as a freelance web developer. Get a $50 discount for the program this month by visiting

Workshops Spotlight: Explore these Node.js courses
Slow Food to Fast Food
with MongoDB
Using Node Modules to Shatter the Monolith Use Error-first Callbacks to "Fix" ls
Refactor the database of a restaurant to get their kitchens moving again Modularize a Node project and manage its dependencies Use callbacks to help Richard Stallman overthrow GNU project
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