Should designers learn to code?

Thinkful Thursday, September 17th
"Don't let people change who you are, even if you get a consequence for it."
- Ahmed Mohamed
Fill up: Our favorite resources this week
Frontend Workshop: Thursday, Sept. 24 @ 4:00 PM EDT
Give your CSS superpowers
Join this frontend workshop for an introduction to Sass, a CSS preprocessor. Sass adds useful features to CSS such as variables, nesting, and much more. RSVP to this 1 hour workshop with mentor Casey Olson. fire
Should designers learn to code?
Read the reflections of 20 year design veteran Andrei Herasimchuk on why learning to code (even just a bit) is extremely valuable as a designer. font
Intermediate Workshop: Sunday, Sept. 20 at 12:00 PM EDT
Key concepts in React
Why is React so interesting and useful? Come in to find out! Join Thinkful mentor Denis Sokolov for this 1 hour workshop to get an introduction to React. RVSP now for this Sunday workshop. pillar
Data Science
Artificial neural networks for beginners
Toshi Takeuchi gives a quick tutorial for the beginner on artificial neural networks as a starting point for your study of deep learning. Follow these step-by-step examples and get up to speed. school
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Explore our open library
Install Node
the Smart Way
Slow Food to Fast
Food with MongoDB
Memory Leaks
at WikiLeaks
Use a package manager to install Node.js Refactor the database of a restaurant to get their kitchens moving again Find and plug the memory leaks in a bidirectional-map implementation
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