The best way to stay motivated while learning

Thinkful Thursday, September 24th
"If you don't like where you are, move! You are not a tree."
- Jim Rohn
Fill up: Our favorite resources this week
Frontend Workshop: Wednesday, Sept. 30 @ 6:30 PM EDT
Publish a website with Git, GitHub, and GitHub pages
Git is the most popular versioning control software and is essential for any developer's workflow. RSVP to this 1 hour workshop and learn basic git commands, the GitHub interface, and how to host your website on GitHub pages for free. fire
Web Design
How do you keep yourself motivated to learn?
The secret is to build things that you love and are actually interested in. Read about Susan Robertson's experience with just this and how you can apply it to your own learning practices. font
Intermediate Workshop: Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 6:00 PM EDT
Authentication in Node.js using Passport
Learn how to let users login to your site using their Google+ accounts. Join Thinkful mentor Tolga Ekmen for this 1 hour workshop next Tuesday. pillar
Data Science
Statistics for Hackers
Learn how you can use your coding skills to hack statistics. Jake VanderPlas shows how you can replace some of the statistics theory and jargon with more intuitive computational approaches. His thesis is "if you can write a for-loop you can do statistics." school
HQ Spotlight: Teacher Training

We were proud to host's teacher training this past weekend! provides free, high-quality professional development workshops from an experienced computer science facilitator for K-5 teachers. Learn how you can get involved at

Explore our open library
React Unit Testing
with Jest
NPM as a (Velociraptor)
Build System
What is
Use Jest to add unit tests for a BLT delivery service Use NPM to build this year's publishing sensation Avoid pitfalls of the "this" keyword in JavaScript
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