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Fill up: Our favorite resources this week

Flexbox – because floats are so 2008

As flexbox becomes supported on more browsers (over 80% now), you should use it! Learn how to solve common CSS problems with flexbox.


The marvelous math of computational linguistics

King - Man + Woman = Queen? The ability to number-crunch vast quantities of words is creating a new science of linguistics.


By designers for designers

Can get enough design stories? shows you the latest medium design articles available for your perusal.

Friday, October 2nd at 2:00PM EDT

Workshop: CSS styling, typography, and pancakes

Build an article layout from dummy HTML while learning about the most common (and often-overlooked) features of CSS. We'll cover "inline", "inline-block", and "block" display modes, and a number of typography protips.

Olex Ponomarenko

Engineer at Thinkful

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Monday, October 5th at 6:00PM EDT

Workshop: Introduction to ES6 Javascript

ES6 is the first major JavaScript update in 7 years, and it's a big one! This will be a painless introduction to some of the most common ES6 features. We'll discuss Babel, a tool which lets us write ES6 code, then dive right into ES6.

Harry Hedger

React Mentor at Thinkful

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Mentor of the week

Alissa has been in web design for over 15 years and is self-taught developer. She has done the HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP on projects for brands like Oracle, ATP Tour, The Recording Academy and Olay.

Alissa Pierce

Frontend & Design Mentor

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