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“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Fill up: Our favorite resources this week

Code as Poetry

Take a philosophical look at code this week and unchain it from the shackles of business logic or app stores! Read William Ngan's take on code as a medium.


Your UI Isn't a Disney Movie

How many animations are too many animations? Find out how to balance novelty and distraction when it comes to your site's UI.


Data Journalism Tutorial

Bring the power of data science to journalism. Read this tutorial to learn everything from wrangling the data you need and presenting it in a way your readers with love.

Workshop: This Sunday at 1:00PM EDT

Build your first React App

React.js is explosive new JavaScript framework developed by Facebook that makes it easy to build large applications with data that changes over time. Learn all about React's history, its most exciting features, and how built a simple React app!

William Hoang

React Mentor at Thinkful

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Workshop: This Tuesday at 1:00PM EDT

Demystify the DOM

Manipulating the DOM without jQuery is Element-ary my dear Watson! As front-end developers, sometimes we don't have access to jQuery, or maybe we just need to do something simple. Thankfully, in modern browsers, we have the DOM to work with.

Jacob Roufa

Frontend Mentor at Thinkful

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Mentor Spotlight

Mahdi has trained over 30 people in frontend development and thrives on helping others realize their goals. He’s aided dozens with their career in various directions, helping them land better jobs and working with them on career paths and decisions. Mahdi has been working as a frontend lead with the NFL for 7 years and continues to coach others and give technical direction to start-ups.

Mahdi Tehrani

Frontend lead at the NFL

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Career Path student spotlight: Kyle James

After only 2 months of being a Career Path student, Kyle was offered a job as Director of Academic Technology at Perkiomen High School and is now developing their Ruby on Rails curriculum. Kyle was mentored by Brian Redfern, an MIT published Python and Andriod developer. Follow in Kyle's footsteps and start our Career Path course

Kyle James