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“Don't let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of going after yours.” – Unknown

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The Plot of “Back to the Future” in 10 Git Concepts

Science fiction and Git commands have a surprising amount in common! Learn these 10 common git concepts while time traveling with Marty McFly.


Video Games Improve Interaction Design

The same instinct that keeps you playing Mario Kart also keeps you pinning new lasanga recipes on Pinterest! Master the art of hooking users (and then go use it for good!).


Rethinking JavaScript Education with ES6

With ES6, JavaScript is gaining a more abstract and expressive syntax. Watch this JSConf 2015 talk to understand the impact this abstraction will have on new learners.

Workshop: Today at 10:00PM EDT

How to Prepare for a Coding Interview

Wow them at your next job interview by learning effective technical strategies for solving even the hardest code interview questions.

Zachary Carter

Engineer at DreamWorks

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Workshop: Next Thursday at 4:00PM EDT

Build an Apple Watch App from Scratch

We will be creating a simple Apple Watch application from start to finish. Come and see the thought process that goes into an app, the tools used to make an Apple Watch application, and get insight into the mindset of a developer in real-time.

Mike Litman

PhD at Concordia University

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Mentor Spotlight

Tolga has done everything from mobile to frontend to product development and has been working at startups in Canada's Kitchener-Waterloo tech hub for over 6 years. He's built multiple APIs using Node.js as well as complex applications using Backbone.js and Ember.js. He's currently the Technical Lead at the Canadian startup Muzooka and blogs at www.codekitchen.ca.

Tolga Ekmen

Node and Frontend Mentor

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Getting a Job through the Career Path Program

Curious how Thinkful's Career Path program graduates have a 92% job placement rate? Program manager Derek Fogge explains what it takes to succeed as a Career Path student. Read the blog post  

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