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“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” – Plato

Fill up: Our favorite resources this week

Music for Programmers

Coding is better with the right soundtrack. Don't waste time searching for the right groove when Music for Programmers has done it for you.


Website Usability Checklist

Catch common problems before user testing. Use this comprehensive checklist to avoid critical UX errors before (or after!) lauching your website.


A Cartoon Guide to Flux

Flux is as misunderstood as it is popular. Understanding Flux is critical for any React developer, and this guide breaks it down with cartoon stick figures!

Workshop: Next Thursday 8:00PM EDT

Introdution to Node

Ask five developers what Node.js is and you'll get seven different answers (and probably a long argument about semicolon usage too). We'll cover the basics of Node (and npm) to get you up and running with your first Node server.

Kyle Hill

Node Mentor

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Workshop: Wednesday at 9:30PM EDT

Build an Interactive Visualization of Baseball Data

Ever wonder how to make a nice visualization? Getting your story across is much easier with the right graphics. Using baseball data as our guide, we'll learn how to create concise, interactive charts with multiple tools such as matplotlib and d3.js.

Damian Herrick

Data Science Mentor

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Mentor Spotlight

Jason Humphrey is a Full Stack developer, entrepreneur and investor. He played college basketball, making it to all the way to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen tournament, and he brings the same passion to coding that he showed on the court. Jason is passionate about the MEAN stack, and you can see his work at

Jason Humphrey

Career Path Mentor

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Kyle James