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“ When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.”  - Will Rogers

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Learn Node by Christmas

We've released a Node advent calendar and will unlocked a new course every day through the 25th of December. You can also follow along using #25daysofnode!


Flexbox Froggy

This is the BEST interative Flexbox guide out there. Help these adorable frogs to their corresponding lilypads while learning how to use Flexbox!


Technologists and Climate Change

If you are serious about making climate change a part of your career goals, read this piece by Bret Victor on what a technologist can do about the climate.

Workshop: Next Wed at 7:00PM EDT

Getting Started with Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a great CSS framework with a responsive 12-column grid system, base styling for most HTML elements as well as an extensive list of components and bundled Javascript plugins. We'll take a static page mockup and make it responsive.

Marius Banea

Careet Path Mentor

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Workshop: Next Wed at 10:00PM EDT

Git and You (Basics + Merging)

Git is the most popular versioning control software and is essential for any developer's workflow. We'll discuss basic git commands, the GitHub interface, and managing merges.

Jim Condren

Frontend mentor

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Mentor Spotlight

Chris is a self-taught programmer who, rather than suffering from madness, revels in it, and will happily discuss Alice in Wonderland and how it relates to quantum physics, the internet, and Python. He has used many languages and firmly believes that Python is the second best. As such, he is heavily involved in its ongoing development, including writing one PEP and co-authoring one with Guido van Rossum.

Chris Angelico

Python Mentor

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