Who Y Combinator Companies Hire

“Programming is like learning a musical instrument - it takes a ton of hard work and looks like it takes talent instead.”  - Brandon Hays

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Who Y Combinator Companies Hire

What kind of engineer is the most in demand? After 6 months doing of technical interviews and sending the best engineers to Y Combinator companies, here are the results.


Web Accessibility Basics

Use this hands-on coding tutorial for learning some best practices for web accessibility. In just 20 minutes, you will go from zero to hero on web accessibility.


Linux Kernel Development 1991-2015

Watch Linux kernel developers shoot laser beams of code goodness into the source code tree! This is a gource video of the last 24 years of development.

Workshop: Sunday at 10:00PM EDT

The Rise of Programming Languages: The Evolution of C to Swift

How do humans solve problems? What is a programming language? Why do we need them? Why wasn't C good enough? What is next?

Mike Litman

PhD at Concordia University

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Workshop: Saturday at 3:00PM EDT

Intro to the Meteor Framework

MeteorJS is a stable, fully featured, and outstandingly well supported Full Stack Javascript framework. Take a quick dive with me into why I believe it is the greatest framework of our time.

Tyler van der Hoeven

Frontend Developer at Baremetrics

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Mentor Spotlight

Matthew is a developer at an e-commerce company in NYC. He has come to love the open source community for all the diversity, creativity, and insightfulness it provides. Aside from technology, he enjoys endurance sports, such as marathons, half ironman triathlons, and drinking beer.

Matthew Prestifilippo

Frontend and Node Mentor

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