25 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions

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“🎶 He's making a database, He's sorting it twice, SELECT * from contacts WHERE behavior = 'nice', SQL Clause is coming to town 🎄”  - Karen Kringle

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25 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions

How well do you know Javascript? Try to answer these interview questions from Toptal and see if you would be stumped.


Math.random() Is Finally Random

With Chrome's lastest release, Math.random() will now give you a more random response to the benefit of web applications everywhere!


An Introduction to Pandas in Python

Is NumPy not enough for your data science needs? Learn the basics of Pandas with this tutorial by analyzing a year's worth of weather data from Weather Underground.

Workshop: Satursday at 1:30PM EDT

Learn Command Line Basics

Whether you're creating a directory, setting up a server, or committing files to source control: chances are you'll be using the command line to do it. Let's demystify the terminal, learn how it works, and start using it effectively.

Ryan Lynch

Lead Frontend Engineer at IT.com

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Workshop: Wednesday at 9:30PM EDT

Doing Data Science with R

There's a ton of interest out there in data science, and here at Thinkful we generally rely on Python to help you learn data science. In this session, though, we'll instead focus on how to do some data science with R.

Damian Herrick

Data Science Mentor

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Mentor Spotlight

Over the last several years Kyle's professional experience has involved Google App Engine, Python, HTML/CSS, JS, Angular, and D3. Working with code is a passion for Kyle, and during college he studied Industrial and Interaction Design. He enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and chatting with people about new technologies.

Kyle Koski

Frontend and Python Mentor

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