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“The harder I work, the luckier I become.”
– Terry Pratchett

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the rejected us

They Rejected Us

Some of the most successful people in the world were rejected from their dream jobs. Let these stories inspire you to not give up regardless of the perceived odds.


Breakout List, End of 2015

Picked for their track record so far, these are the companies to work for in the new year if you are ambitious and want to work in tech.


A Weekend Guide to Crafting Your UX Portfolio

Create by Designers Hearth meetup members, this is the best UX portfolio guide out. We definitely recommend this as your weekend project if you want to make UX your career.

Workshop: This Tuesdays at 12:00PM EDT

Getting Started with Angular 2

The very first beta version of Angular 2 was just published. Whereas we are far from its final version, this workshop will give foundations to understand what such applications will look like and the new concepts involved.

Thierry Templier

Angular Mentor at Thinkful

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Workshop: This Tuesday at 9:00PM EDT

Dev Tools to the Rescue!

We'll cover some of the amazing things that the developer tools built into your browser are capable of. We will also help you learn how to tweak a website in real time, and debug through some JavaScript code.

Jim Condren

Software Architect at CSC/Eleven Project

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Mentor Spotlight

Joe is a creative coder from Leicester, England. Although a Pythonista at heart, these days he is often found making C++ and JavaScript do things which they weren't designed to do. He has produced artwork for the V&A, is the lead developer of Audiolet, one of the most widely used web audio libraries, and is the founder of Spectacle Labs, an open-source hardware startup. In his spare time he plays the ukulele, makes wine, and occasionally manages to finish the Guardian crossword.

Joe Turner

Python course lead

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#25daysofNode winner! 🎉

We are pleased to announce the winner of our #25daysofNode course give-a-away, Pythonista Loren Robinson! Keep an eye out for future calendars and you can now see the full calendar live at if you missed out.