The Simpsons in CSS

“Believe you can and you're halfway there.”
– Teddy Roosevelt

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The Simpsons in CSS

Learn how to use CSS properities such as border-radius and transform to make all of the Simpsons from Homer to Mr. Burns!


The Website Obesity Crisis

It seems like even text based sites are growing bigger and bigger with every passing year. Learn about the potential impact this could have on browsers in the future.


Blending Modes Demystified

Web imagery increasingly tends toward losslessness. Learn how to preserve the original in case you ever need to revert back or make other adjustments.

Workshop: Wednesday at 12:00PM EDT

The Ins and Outs of Unit Testing Angular Apps

Learn how to improve the quality of your Angular applications with automated unit tests and implement them for different Angular elements (including but not limited to controllers, services, directives, and $http.)

Thierry Templier

Angular Mentor at Thinkful

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Workshop: Friday at 9:00PM EDT

Build a Quiz App in jQuery

We'll be building a small quiz game in jQuery, using Bootstrap to create the page layout. The quiz will use some objects, keep score, and display a factoid after each question.

Aric Johnson

Front End Developer at MembersFirst

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Mentor Spotlight

Denis is an experienced web engineer. Any web technology you choose, he will have read its spec through and through. The best part is—he can translate that to natural language with ease.

Denis Sokolov

Python and Node mentor

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Introducing the Thinkful Job Guarantee

We're excited to announce the Thinkful Job Guarantee for all Web Development Career Path students. When you put in the work, we guarantee you will get a job as a programmer within 4 months of graduation or we'll refund 100% of your tuition. We are also committed to making our Career Path program affordable and have launched new financing options and scholarships.

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