Advance your Career in 2016

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Advance your career in 2016

For all of January we'll be unlocking new career courses daily! Learn how to apply for an engineering job, build a resume, write a cover letter, and ace a technical interview.


NPM > Gulp or Grunt

Are you currently using Gulp or Grunt? Learn why you should be using node scripts instead as a way to automate tasks.


Motion with Meaning

Animations give us a whole new dimension to play with — time. This creates opportunities to make our interfaces better at every level.

Workshop: Today at 9:00PM EDT

Animating SVG Artwork with canvas and VanillaJS

Bring SVG Graphics to life without hitting the DOM! We will use modern JavaScript to parse and redraw an SVG image onto an animatable canvas.

John-Paul DeVries

Frontend Mentor at Thinkful

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Workshop: Sunday at 2:00PM EDT

Build a MEAN Stack Live

Sticking to a uniform language (e.g. JavaScript!) throughout your stack has tremendous advantages like performance gain and overall productivity. In this workshop we'll tackle any problem or use case you bring. EX. want to blog?

Jason Humphrey

Founder at Green Pioneer Solutions

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Mentor Spotlight

Jacquie has been programming since she was in high school in the dark pre-internet days. She has a CS degree from London University and has worked on many applications in many different languages. Nowadays, she is a Full Stack MEAN web developer and the founder of combining her passions for programming and knitting. Jacquie joined Thinkful after teaching Computer Science at a local high school through TEALS and she loves helping students reach those 'aha!' moments.

Jacquie Howard

Frontend Mentor

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The Career Path Jobs Report

We're proud to be the first online school to publish a jobs report. It shows all student outcomes in our Web Development Career Path, a coding bootcamp that helps students become programmers without forcing them to quit their jobs or change cities.

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