Moving beyond the basics

“Entrepreneur is just french for 'has ideas, does them'.”
– Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Founder

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When you know the basics and still can't code

Growing from being a beginner programmer to an intermediate programmer is hard. Learn how to get there faster and what to avoid as you progress.


Find your CSS best practices

Learn what organizations like Google and AirBnB are doing in terms of CSS Best Practices and figure out which meet your current needs.


A guide to pull requests

Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a GitHub repository. Learn how to make your first pull request and best practices.

Workshop: Tuesday at 9:00PM EDT

Dev Tools to the Rescue!

This workshop covers some of the amazing things that developer tools already built into your browser are capable of. Furthermore, we will help you learn how to tweak a website in real time, and debug through some JavaScript code.

Jim Condren

Frontend mentor

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Workshop: Wednesday at 12:00PM EDT

The Ins and Outs of Unit Testing Angular Apps

Learn how to improve the quality of your Angular applications with automated unit tests.

Thierry Templier

Angular mentor

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Mentor Spotlight

Introduced to programming by 'accident', Alvin abandoned an undergraduate education in Economics and Statistics in exchange for a keyboard and a black screen. Prior to his disillusionment with theoretical academics, Alvin was a 2 time National debate champion at collegiate level, faithfully representing his country on continental tournaments. Aside from programming, Alvin is a good fan of literature(especially the classics), basketball, compositional music and travel.

Alvin Kato

Ruby Mentor

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Partnership with Mothercoders

Mothercoders is a non-profit organization devoted to helping mothers learn how to code. We have partnered with them to offer a $1200 scholarship all mothers and women who enroll in our Web Development Career Path program. Read more about our scholarship for women.

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