It continues to be vital for skilled professionals to demonstrate that they know how to balance AI with their skill sets properly. This is not only because of the challenges and ethical issues that can arise by solely relying on AI, but it is also equally critical to prove how much humans are needed in the process.

To help UX designers create a balance of AI skills and design skills, we’re sharing some great AI-powered tools to boost any UX job or project that involves AI.

Adobe Sensei – Automates workflows and tasks (like content-aware fill and image tagging), discover and manipulate images, and create personalized customer service experiences

Figma - Features AI-driven auto-layout and intelligent selection in a collaborative and cloud-based tool

Sketch2Code - Transforms hand-drawn sketches and prototypes into HTML code

Dora AI - Converts prompts into interactive and engaging designs and infuses website designs with advanced animation and 3D interaction capabilities

Runwayml – Create images, video and other media without coding (instead, use Machine Learning tools)

Lobe - Creates custom machine-learning models for tasks like image classification

Uizard – Simplifies UI design by empowering AI to take your ideas and turn them into functional prototypes

Durable - Builds high-quality websites in seconds using an AI-powered builder.

GeniusUI - Streamlines design processes with customizable UI component designed to handle repetitive tasks while you focus on the creative side of things

Khroma - Uses AI algorithms to create and offer color combination ideas that will resonate with your audience

Stable Diffusion - Generates detailed images from text prompts

Midjourney – Enables natural language to drive image creation and prototype development and is also an excellent tool for improving collaboration

Designs AI - Simplifies content creation for diverse users, ensuring design consistency and is an excellent tool for new designers

Framer AI - Creates professional websites using an AI code-free platform

Chatfuel – Helps create chatbots with AI and without the need for code

Colormind - Utilizes AI to generate visually attractive and cohesive palettes for your designs

TensorFlow - Builds AI features like image and speech recognition in an open-source platform

PatternedAI - Crafts unique patterns that transform your concepts into custom patterns

10Web - Combines AI with Elementor editor for seamless WordPress website creation

As you use tools like these, James Larson at UsabilityHub says there are some core best practices to follow when combining AI with UX design<, including a focus on collaboration, ethics and transparency.

As an experienced UX designer with a strong knowledge of UI, you not only demonstrate versatility but also prove your viability as a human complement to your AI-powered tools.

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