Four Years of Sharing Risk with Students

What happens if a student invests in their education but it doesn’t help them grow their career? Today, students bear the downside risk entirely on their own. Spend $100,000 on your education and you’re on the hook for $100,000 plus interest,

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Mentorship: What’s Old Is New Again

By Andrew Geant, CEO of Wyzant 70% of millennials say they do not have a workplace mentor, but the majority want one. As the co-founder and CEO of Wyzant, that struck me as a big problem to fix. So we recently conducted a research project

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Top Five CSS Mistakes

As a frontend developer, designer, and mentor at Thinkful, I talk with junior web developers on a daily basis. I see their struggles, inspect their portfolio sites, and am always on the lookout of how to improve their understanding of CSS. In this post, I

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Depth Matters: Re-launching the Full Time Web Development Bootcamp

A year ago, we launched the Full Time Web Development bootcamp. The program was designed to be the most in-depth option for students who could commit to learning full-time. It would cover not only full stack JavaScript development, but also computer science fundamentals and how

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Coding schools unveil Council on Integrity in Results Reporting

Largest coalition of coding programs commit to standardized graduation & job placement rate and truth in advertising framework to ensure integrity of data (AUSTIN, Texas) – March 1, 2017 – The largest coalition of accelerated learning programs announced today their commitment to publish student graduation and job

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