Our mission

Universal, mentor-led learning.

With a will to learn anyone can become a great programmer or designer. But education today still remains too expensive, exclusive, and ineffective. That’s why we’re building an online school that combines the effectiveness of face-to-face learning with the accessibility of online education.

We're training the next generation of experts by creating a community of engineers and designers who can learn from and inspire one another. Today, Thinkful is a community of 300 programmers, designers and data scientists around the world with an average of ten years of experience. We’ve taught over 7,000 students, and we’re managed by a team of 25 in New York City.

Dedicated mentors

Relationships drive learning. Mentors provide the experience, guidance, and accountability to foster confidence and success.

Practical skills

Engineers are paid to solve problems, not write code. We teach people to solve real problems through hands-on projects.

Accessible education

Truly effective learning should be accessible and affordable. The Thinkful community welcomes everyone.

Abundant opportunity

We value intellectual honesty and work ethic over years of experience. Every student, mentor, and employee deserves the time and attention needed to grow.

Thinkful HQ
Meet the team.

Our founders and investors.


Darrell Silver and Dan Friedman founded Thinkful in October, 2013 as a place to bring mentorship to online education.


Ann Miura-Ko joined Dan and Darrell on Thinkful's board in 2014. She led, on behalf of Floodgate, our second round of funding.


Thinkful is backed by investors who understand our mission and potential. In addition to several angel investors, our investors are:

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Darrell Silver and Dan Friedman, Thinkful co-founders
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We don't hire for domain expertise. Rather, like our students, Thinkful team members must have the curiosity, enthusiasm and grit to learn quickly on the job.

Thinkful may not be your last job, but we want to make it the one you're most proud of. We hope you'll join us.

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Have what it takes to work with our awesome students? Thinkful mentors love to share their passion for technology with motivated learners and refine their own expertise along the way.

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