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Too often Americans' careers are dictated by where we’re born not ambition and grit. As traditional “career ladders” give way to work flexible and self-determined work, Thinkful is your career partner. We’re educating the entire US, creating wealth beyond where it’s already concentrated and for those whose talent is too often overlooked. Talent is everywhere but modern education is often too far away. We can fix that.

We don’t offer “degrees”. We get you a job. We don’t sell you on some legacy college “brand”. We get you a job. In the rare case when we don’t get you a job (and you work hard), we give you all your money back. In Engineering Immersion we’re pioneering ISAs so you don’t even pay tuition until you get a qualifying and high-enough paying job. We’re founding members of both industry standard initiatives for reporting student outcomes, CIRR and EducationQA.

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Darrell Silver and Dan Friedman founded Thinkful in October, 2012 to make 1-on-1 mentorship available to everyone.


Ann Miura-Ko joined Dan and Darrell on Thinkful's board in 2014. In 2017 they were joined by Amit Patel of Owl Ventures and Brian Hirsch of Tribeca Venture Partners.


Thinkful is backed by investors with the patience and expertise to build great education and global community businesses.

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We don't hire for domain expertise. Rather, like our students, Thinkful team members must have the curiosity, enthusiasm and grit to learn quickly on the job.

Thinkful may not be your last job, but we want to make it the one you're most proud of. We hope you'll join us.

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