Learn to code in Atlanta with these coding meetups

Atlanta is a great place to start your programming career. With startups like YikYak, Calendly, and Salesloft expanding, there are new jobs for those interested in getting into tech. One of the best ways to start programming is by attending a coding meetup to network

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Learn to code in DC with these coding meetups

Although DC is known for it’s prominent role in government, there is now a new huge demand for programmers that has yet to be met! So, if you are in the DC area, now is an excellent time to take the first steps to

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Mentorship: What’s Old Is New Again

By Andrew Geant, CEO of Wyzant 70% of millennials say they do not have a workplace mentor, but the majority want one. As the co-founder and CEO of Wyzant, that struck me as a big problem to fix. So we recently conducted a research project

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Depth Matters: Re-launching the Full Time Web Development Bootcamp

A year ago, we launched the Full Time Web Development bootcamp. The program was designed to be the most in-depth option for students who could commit to learning full-time. It would cover not only full stack JavaScript development, but also computer science fundamentals and how

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Coding schools unveil Council on Integrity in Results Reporting

Largest coalition of coding programs commit to standardized graduation & job placement rate and truth in advertising framework to ensure integrity of data (AUSTIN, Texas) – March 1, 2017 – The largest coalition of accelerated learning programs announced today their commitment to publish student graduation and job

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