Consistency is key. To succeed in education, we can’t settle for one-off successes — it’s crucial to create a repeatable process that works for student after student after student.

The same is true when it comes to transparency. To succeed, we must report everything, every time. Alongside our partners in CIRR, we’ve now published our third comprehensive student outcomes report.

Here’s what’s notable about these reports: They follow a consistent set of standards across time and across all schools in CIRR. As a prospective student, you can compare schools apples-to-apples, and measure how their performance has changed over time.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the data. Here’s Thinkful’s report for Full Stack Flex, our part-time program for web development:

Full Stack Flex Outcomes

And complete details on Engineering Immersion, our full-time program for web development:

Engineering Immersion Outcomes

For reference, you can check out previous reports here on our blog, or compare across all schools on CIRR’s website.

But this is about much more than one report or even three reports. It’s about a new generation of educational institutions setting a new standard for education for generations to come.

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