For anyone who adores organizing their Trello boards and has a knack for motivating teams, a career in project management is a natural choice. And fortunately for you, demand for these roles is expected to grow 9.3% over the next 10 years.

But in order to land a high-paying project management position and move up the ranks, you’ll need more than a certification. Hiring managers are looking for a blend of leadership abilities, knowledge of the software development process, and experience building roadmaps.

You’ll develop all of these in Technical Project Management. Learn all the skills you need to translate big picture goals into budgets and timelines, align multiple departments, and carry projects to completion one KPI at a time.

Maybe you’re a junior project manager who’s ready for a higher level role. Or your team relies on you to keep them on track, but you’ve never actually had a project management title.  That’s where Technical Project Management comes in: a course we designed for anyone who’s motivated to progress their career and lead their organization to success, one KPI at a time.

Read on to decide whether the ever-changing world of project management is the right tech track for you.

Who Should Take This Course

Technical Project Management is designed to help you land a more challenging, fulfilling job in tech; especially if you:

Regardless of your experience level, our curriculum will help you develop the hard and soft skills that lead to job offers, promotions, and a whole new career trajectory.

What You’ll Learn

We combine in-depth instruction with assignments that reflect real-world scenarios. You’ll learn the skills project managers actually use on a daily basis, like establishing timelines, anticipating challenges, and keeping teams on track from development to delivery.

Our skills-based curriculum ensures every student learns first-hand how to take broad company goals and turn them into tasks, deadlines and milestones. It all leads up to your capstone projects, an impressive portfolio, and a new career in project management.

Learn the technical side: Even if you have some project management experience under your belt, you need specific hard skills to level up and achieve your earning potential. You’ll use industry-preferred project management software like Asana, and leverage agile development techniques to keep everyone on track.

Motivate teams: Our students aim high for management roles, and that takes a combination of tech skills and leadership abilities. We’ll share some best practices for communicating goals with different departments and earning their trust.

Set the timeline: Department heads, company owners and stakeholders will look to you to create the roadmap. You’ll learn the proven techniques for breaking down ambitious company goals into realistic, actionable steps for all involved.

Track the budget: Once you move up in the tech world, you won’t be able to rely on your old Excel sheet to manage expenses. We’ll explore the techniques favored by leaders in the industry so you can make the most of your resources.

Achieve company goals: We’ll introduce you to some common scenarios and problem-solving tools so you can predict challenges before they happen, and deliver results - even when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Project managers never stop learning. You’ll encounter new software, shifting priorities and a changing technical landscape as your career progresses. We’ll get you ready for the long haul by helping you understand the underlying concepts and goals of your position so you can face every new challenge with confidence.

How You’ll Learn


You’ll have the convenience of online instruction and an active community of students, technical experts and coaches who support your career goals.


Learn part-time for maximum schedule flexibility.

Real-world Projects

Your studies will come to life in your capstone projects as you apply everything you’ve learned in real-life situations.

Course Benefits

One-on-One Mentorship

Our unique one-on-one mentor program pairs you with an experienced project management professional who’s dedicated to helping you get the most from this course. You’ll hold regular virtual meetings where you can troubleshoot and talk through the course material.

Career Coaching

Work with a team whose sole purpose is to help you get a job that challenges, inspires and rewards you. We support you throughout the job hunt by fine-tuning your resume, perfecting your portfolio, and helping you prep for the interview.

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