What do unexpected blizzards, hugs, and meditation have in common? They all took place at Weekful, Thinkful’s annual company meeting. In March 2019, Thinks (Thinkful employees) took a trip to Denver, Colorado to reunite with remote colleagues. That’s right, just like our students, Thinks have the unique opportunity to live and work in multiple cities across the country.

Our team’s geographic distribution presents unique advantages and challenges. Thinkful was created seven years ago, and during that time, we figured out how to build a committed and dedicated, remote workforce. We also cracked the code to delivering the best return on education. Technically, we do have a headquarter office in New York, where many of the team resides, but the majority of our diverse staff lives in different cities in the US. (Fun fact: our team works from as far west as Hawaii and as far east as Spain!) That’s why we come together once a year at Weekful to collaborate in a shared space. Weekful is an opportunity to rejuvenate team morale and set company goals for the future.

The trip to Denver was action packed consisting of wellness activities, strategic planning, and exploration of new ideas and places. Over the course of a week, we participated in yoga meditation, explored Denver’s Arts District with a scavenger hunt, showcased employee “super powers” at a company talent show, played board and VR games, and danced the night away at karaoke.

Weekful wasn’t just about having fun and bonding with coworkers. It was a chance for our team to talk about how we can better serve our students. By offering flexible online course options, 1-on-1 mentorship, and various ways to fund your tuition, Thinkful is lowering the barriers to entry into a meaningful new career in tech. Our conversations at Weekful focused on building a strong team, strengthening processes, and iterating on our top notch curriculum. There’s a lot that goes into building a school that provides the best return on education.

It was tough to say goodbye to colleagues after Weekful 2019, but we left feeling excited about the road ahead. Over the next twelve months, our team will grow significantly (F.Y.I. we’re hiring!) and we will work smarter and harder to help our students land a career in tech.

Whether you’re a prospective student or employee, we hope you’ll join us.

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