Coding Experience Beyond Bootcamp

Coding boot camps teach students to develop their skills primarily in data science, UX/UI design, digital marketing, and full-stack web development. These programs feature intensive, accelerated, and immersive courses. While students attain coding experience in a shorter period than the traditional college degree, it’s a good idea to continue practicing and learning.

Here are some ways you can do that.

Contribute to Open-Source Projects

Open-source is a collection of projects with free access to documentation and source code. Contributing to open-source projects by collaborating with other developers boosts your actual application development. As a beginner, you can contribute to the project by debugging minor errors, improving documents, and adding new features to the existing project.

Participate in Code Challenges

A great place to develop your coding experience is participating in coding challenges. These challenges empower you to showcase your skills and talents with opportunities to potentially win prizes. You can also use code challenges to improve your skills by seeing the work of others. Many sites open their archives, so programmers can complete the past challenges and compare the solutions with others.

Popular coding challenges websites include TopCoder, Coderbyte, Project Euler and HackerRank,

Develop Side Projects
Not every company or content creator has the budget to hire a big agency or IT team to address their needs. So, many of them turn to freelancers to help them, and you can use these opportunities to boost your experience and reputation.

You can find freelance coding opportunities on sites like,, and others. You could also create a service on and allow people to find you.

Become a Coding Tutor

It can be gratifying to share your knowledge with others. As a coding tutor, you can develop a personalized approach to learning that helps other students to learn quickly. Teaching others can help you create new process ideas and learning experiences in coding.

Find an Internship

If you need to add some real-world experience to your bootcamp knowledge, seeking out an internship could be the perfect short-term solution. You can put your skills to use, learn more about company challenges and add value to your resume.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

Here are some websites that help you provide projects, communities, insights

• Stack Exchange is a place that helps to share knowledge. There are more than 200 communities with 100 million developers. The parent of Stack Exchange is Ask Ubuntu and Stack Overflow.

• GitHub is a place where you can work and contribute to open-source projects, develop and post your projects, construct free websites, and show your skills to people worldwide.

• Leet Code is a website that guides you through preparing for interviews. It offers more than 1500 technical questions for you to practice.

• CodeWars helps you sharpen your programming skills and build a portfolio by solving challenges and ranking. There are a variety of challenges for all programming languages.

Whether a coding bootcamp is your first step in a new career or a way to boost an existing one, it’s always a good idea to keep learning. We obviously specialize in bootcamps, so if we can help you take that first step, reach out to our knowledgeable and helpful team today.

Here’s to your continued education!

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