What does it take to build the world’s next workforce? Mentors and students that are dedicated –– to changing their careers, or those of others. Our mentors guide students in a hundred different ways, every day, while our students come from every different educational, financial and job background imaginable. We’re thankful for their commitment, and we are driven entirely by their success. We’re also thankful for those who took the time to share why Thinkful is important to them, in their own words.

"I would not have been able to start my new career without Thinkful. It definitely opened the door to the tech industry." –Benjamin Stano, Data Science Flex student and former middle school teacher.

"I felt an instant connection with the entire Thinkful community. Everyone was involved, supporting and guiding each other... the career services provided to the students is outstanding." – Jamie Gammel, Engineering Mentor and Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin.

"It took some months of hard work but it paid off very well in the end." – Payman Kossari, Engineering Immersion student who used Thinkful to enhance his tech skills.

"Seeing a lightbulb turn on while we're pair programming or their eyes light up when I show them something new makes an entire session worthwhile for me." – Nick Tallant, former Data Science mentor and Geospatial Data Science Research Assistant at University of Chicago.

"The mentorship I received at Thinkful, and the aid of the career services have enabled me to launch into a career that allows me to provide for my wife, and frees her up to pursue the career she wants to." –Will Nixon, Engineering Flex student and former pastor/filmmaker.

"Thinkful is one of the few coding bootcamps that gives students an invaluable offering – 1-on-1 mentorship with industry developers." – Okemdi Oparaeke, Engineering mentor and Software Engineer at Rocket Loans.

"Thinkful… connected me with a network of like-minded people that I can learn from and connect with long after completing the program." – Ayan Karim, Engineering Immersion student and recent Economics college grad.

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