The Atlanta tech scene is growing like never before. There are so many great opportunities to work for some amazing companies if you learn the programming skills that are currently in demand. Here’s why you should take advantage of this growth and start your career as a web developer.

1. Atlanta’s job growth & entrepreneurship data

Since 2010, Atlanta has seen 47% rise in total tech jobs (which includes software programming and developing and computer support roles). Forbes also ranked it #3 of the fastest growing tech meccas of 2017, outpacing city like Portland. The startup Kauffman index ranks it at #12 for rate of entrepreneurship growth.

2. The Atlanta tech scene is diverse

The Atlanta tech scene is more diverse than most tech hubs. This is because Atlanta is already a very diverse city and there are many organizations making an effort to build a tech community that is representative of the actual Atlanta demographics. Some notable mentions include organizations like digitalundivided which promotes empowerment of Black and Latina women entrepreneurs. Or Black Men Code which works to inspire black men to get into in STEM fields and entrepreneurship with free and low-cost training. You can also find an LGBT community with the ATL LGBT Tech group.

3. Supportive communities and coding bootcamps

There are already a number of supportive communities in place for you to join to help you learn to code in Atlanta. Read about the best coding meetups in Atlanta or learn about coding bootcamps in the Atlanta area. Thinkful runs weekly coding meetups in several locations in Atlanta, as well as surrounding areas like Alpharetta and Buckhead.

These factors make becoming a developer in the Atlanta area a good long term career choice. If you are ready to start learning, checkout Thinkful’s Atlanta coding bootcamp. We use 1-on-1 mentorship and project-based learning to give you the skills you will need to become a web developer. Thinkful continues to provide career support after graduating the program and you can view our job placement stats.

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