It's the voice, again. You know the one. It's saying “you're so bored here,” or “you're worth more than this,” or “when’s the last time you’ve been challenged?” Now, it's getting louder, and louder. You're complaining more, maybe sleeping less. You want something... bigger. A career you can be proud to talk about. A work day that makes you feel excited, not exhausted just thinking about it.

But where do you even start? College or grad school seems prohibitively expensive and quitting your job feels too risky. You know that the highest paying jobs are in tech, but you don’t think you’ve got the skills.

Think again, because we’ve got you. Here's the top five reasons why launching a career with Thinkful is right for you — and why there’s no better time to start than now:

1. Programs are built for ultimate flexibility.
Courses are all online, (so long, unnecessarily long commute) and flex courses let you set your own schedule.

“[Thinkful is for] anyone looking to develop new skills while balancing their study with outside commitments. [The programs are for] self-starters who thrive under independent, project-based learning.” – Austen Weinhart, Program Manager for Los Angeles students

2. Flexible payment options.
Money shouldn’t be a barrier to education, which is why we designed payment options and benefits to help ease the burden. For select courses, you can take advantage of income-share agreements (pay only once you land the job), living stipends (your bills are covered while you learn), and scholarships (for women and veterans).

“In a country where higher education has been driven by mountains upon mountains of student debt, I'm proud to be part of a new wave of education where someone can successfully join the world's next workforce without having to go $50k+ into debt along the way.” – Kara Gillette, Employer Partnerships Manager

3. An educator as committed to your career change as you are.
If you don’t launch a career within six months of graduation, you’ll get your money back. For immersion courses, you can defer payment until you’re earning money in your career, so you can focus on getting your new future started without distractions. Just so you have an idea of what your future holds: 90% of our Engineering Immersion grads land jobs in tech.

“Thinkful is the most mission-driven place I've ever worked. My favorite part… is working alongside colleagues who are 100% committed to our mission. I love coming to work every day with people who deeply care about the impact we are making as an organization.” – Lauren Jacobson, Associate Director, Program Management

4. An entire network to help you stay on-track.
You’re never on your own. Every Thinkful course provides you with the support you need to succeed and lay the foundation for your future. One-on-one mentors, dedicated career coaching, and an extensive peer network are all at the ready to help you succeed in your new field.

“In addition to [Thinkful’s] curriculum, the one-on-one mentorship that students have with industry professionals really stands out. Students are given very direct focus and attention by their mentor and program manager, and appreciate the insight that comes from working with an industry pro.” – Mila Hose, Engineering Immersion Mentor and Software Engineer at TechStyle Fashion Group

5. Go from URL to IRL.
Courses may be online, but Thinkful also knows the value in face-to-face interaction. Our career coaches encourage and help students to meet peers, experts in the field, and potential employers in their community.

“You should join us at Thinkful if you are looking for personalized, 360-degree support on your journey toward a career in tech.”– Lauren Jacobson, Associate Director, Program Management

So, ready to take the leap? Learn about Thinkful’s programs, and let’s start your new career:

Engineering Immersion

Engineering Flex

Data Science Immersion

Data Science Flex

Data Analytics Flex

UX/UI Design Flex

At Thinkful, we’re building the world’s next workforce. See how we work.

Join us.

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