Companies are collecting more information than ever before. Data analysis is the process of using this information to make informed business decisions. Data must be filtered, stored, organized, transformed, and analyzed before useful conclusions can be made.

When you visit any website or app, your information is probably being collected both directly and indirectly, in a wide range of areas. Personal user data such as the name, address, and contact details of customers are collected directly using online forms or account profiles. IP addresses, customer spending habits, and user activity can also be gathered indirectly using automated tracking software.

It might sound a little invasive, but there’s a reason behind it. The purpose of analyzing customer data is to gain valuable insight and ultimately increase sales. But data analysts aren’t limited to looking at users, they also handle data from competitors, markets, products, and company finances.

The growth in big data has created a surge in demand for talented data analysts. Openings in this space attract high salaries, offer job security, and provide excellent career prospects.

We'll help you plan out your path into this field and land a data analyst job. Continue reading for tips on how to get hired, data analyst interview questions, and a list of online resources you can use to search for data analyst jobs. We’ll also go over some focused data analyst education programs you might be interested in, to fast-track your big data career.

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How to Search for Data Analyst Jobs

The two most common ways to find a data analyst job is either by leveraging your professional network or by searching online. If you know exactly which company you want to apply to, you can search for their company website. Major organizations will post job listings there. Alternatively, you can browse openings on internet job sites. Here are some of the best online portals for finding data analyst positions:

Your Next Step

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