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For most kids, their first word was mama or dada. For us, it was programming. We've been speaking it ever since—and sharing what we know. In our classes, you'll cover a lot of ground in a matter of days. We pack a lot of information in our bootcamps—some students have said that a week-long bootcamp with us is like a semester in college! Our classes are not for the novice programmer, but luckily for you, we have some of the best and most seasoned instructors who know how to guide you every step of the way. We'll subject you to the most intensive app development course you can imagine, and when you finish, you'll be part of an elite corps: the few, the proud, the Nerds. After class, you'll even get access to ongoing support from the Big Nerd Ranch community. We offer bootcamps at our two Ranch locations in iOS, Android, Front-End web development, Back-End web development, Cocoa and mobile design.

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Big Nerd Ranch programs

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Program: Bootcamp Cities: Atlanta, San Francisco Duration: 1 week Cost: $3,700-5,200

Developers looking to expand their skills in iOS or Android development, front-end or back-end web, or design can learn the tools they need in one week or less from Big Nerd Ranch. We offer distraction-free training at our locations in Georgia and California. You'll be able to learn new skills and improve your career while getting away from it all, room and board included.

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