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Over 93% of Designation students get jobs as UX, UI designers after graduating from our program within 3 months. Students come from all over the world to participate in this Full-Stack Design Bootcamp. Intended for aspiring designers, front-end developers and UX practitioners, the 12 week in-person program is perfect for people who possess a natural curiosity about the way things work, and are constantly looking for ways to make them better. Join their immersive, intensive and vibrant classroom environment and get ready to start making things that make a difference.

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Designation programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Full-Stack Design Bootcamp Cities: Chicago Duration: 12 weeks Cost: $11,800

Designation’s 18-week bootcamp includes six weeks of virtual study and a three-month intensive in Chicago. The program focuses on UX and UI, and is geared for those seeking careers in front-end development. At least 92% of Designation graduates have landed jobs at a variety of companies, including Yelp, IBM Design, Microsoft, and Audible.

Designation reviews

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Is this a good program for someone with no experience in design, marketing, or coding (i.e., a waitress with a music degree)? Was it difficult to find a job afterwards?

Posted by Amelia on August 31st, 2016


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